While some cope with cold, others embrace it

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CHICAGO – Chicago saw blinding sunshine throughout much of the day Tuesday,  a rouse to the double digit wind chills and blustery wind that came with it.

In the city fluffy snow from overnight swirled around mostly heavily bundled Chicagoans..

Caught off guard by the cold, some Chicagoans moved on quickly.. Others faced it head on as they do each year.

Meanwhile the free Wicker Park ice rink installed in December is finally moments away from opening to the public – thanks to these icy conditions.

The 60 by 120-foot free ice rink was made possible through a series of fundraisers and a lot of hard work, which mother nature has thus far been heckling with warmer temperatures.

Others embraced the cold by eating ice cream. But whatever your preference for the inside of your body, remember: the outside needs to stay covered.


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