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She’s back! Erin Ivory returned to WGN Tuesday!

“I have been sidelined for nearly a year and a half,” Ivory posted last week on Facebook. “Holy smokes….I am telling you, there was a point where I never thought I was even making it home from the dang hospital. But here I am. Blessed to be back to work part time in just two weeks. Blessed to be alive. Blessed with a second chance. Not just with a smile from here to you know where…but to return with renewed purpose, faith, understanding, and drive to lift others out of their own dark places. Thank you for all the love and support you have shown me and our family. I plan to pay it forward through both the stories of every little person out there who is doing good in the world and by lifting the spirits of any person struggling; ready to throw in the towel. I got you.”

Wednesday, Ivory posted again saying she was headed into work and was “so stoked!”

Last year, she shared more of her cardiopmyopathy journey on the WGN News.

We’re so happy you’re back, Erin!