Wedding planner donates leftovers instead of throwing them away

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CHICAGO — A local wedding planner is making a name for herself for something she does after her weddings: doing good with leftover food that would otherwise be thrown away.

For the last year and half, Kristin Anderson’s work doesn’t end with last call and the final dance. Instead, that’s when she goes into high gear, packing up all the leftover catered food from the wedding.

“We were dumping a ton of food. It would just literally be going into the garbage. We decided, ‘why not donate it to people in need,'” Anderson said.

With the approval of her clients, Anderson now drives all the high-end catered food to DuPage Pads, a local organization committed to helping the homeless.

“Isn’t it amazing…wow!” DuPage Pads’ Janelle Barcelona exclaims as the latest delivery is unloaded onto the kitchen counter. This wedding had enough leftovers of chicken picatta, roasted vegetables and pasta to feed fifty people.

DuPage Pads feeds meals to over 300 homeless every day and depends on donations to keep their inventory up. Anderson knows her donation won’t feed everyone, but it’s a start, and one that she hopes inspires others.

“The brides and grooms are loving it. They are really excited to be giving back to their community also. They pay for the meals…so why not? Why not donate the excess stuff?” Anderson said.

Visit their websites for more information on Kristin Anderson’s crusade or DuPage Pads.


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