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CHICAGO — There are a lot of tours in Chicago, but only one that has people walking miles to sample the city’s best donuts.

Founder Jeff Woelker says he started ‘The Underground Donut Tour‘ after his friends encouraged him to turn his passion for donuts into a business.

“Some people thought it was crazy; that no one would want to eat that many donuts but it’s been sold out for two months straight. It’s awesome!” Woelker said.

Since he began the tour, people have been following Jeff through dark viaducts, over bridges and across countless crosswalks to sample the best gourmet donuts in town. The two-hour tour covers roughly 2 miles between Dapper Donuts, Do Rite Donuts, Firecakes and Stan’s Donuts.

Every stop is chosen for the unique gourmet selection and reputation, all detailed by The Underground Donut Tour guide. Tours run starting at 9 a.m. every Friday through Sunday.