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CHICAGO — While piles of trash often sit unnoticed to the side of roads and parks in Chicago, one local non-profit organization has picked up literal tons of garbage to try and make the city a cleaner place.

The group is called “Clean Up, Give Back” and was founded in 2017 when Chicago resident Donna Adams wanted to pick up garbage in the areas that needed it the most.

Since the group’s establishment, Clean Up Give Back has collected 22,904 lbs. of garbage, hauling away nearly 3,000 garbage bags.

“We often get several people from the neighborhood come out and join us, to help clean up,” Adams said.

One Chicago alderman has volunteered for the organization himself, and has seen the positive impact of the work up close.

“When people see other people doing good things for our community, it encourages them to do things. It’s contagious,” Alderman Walter Burnett Jr. said.

“More than anything, it lets our community know that people care about them,” Burnett Jr. said.

Adams said the efforts have allowed residents to see the natural beauty of their neighborhoods that has always existed.