BARRINGTON, Ill. — A unique northwest suburban campground is combining camping and furry animals — just in time for fall.

Forty alpacas that call SafeHouse Farm on West Chatham Road home along with 11 chickens, one donkey,  two geese, six rabbits, one miniature horse, 12 ducks, three mini heifers and two turkeys.

For former schoolteacher, Linda McGill, SafeHouse Farm is a classroom — just a little louder and muddier.

Kids never want to leave after the hour-long tour is over. And that got Linda’s son Ryan McGill thinking.

“Having this open space we figured it would be a good way (to) utilize the space and incorporate camping,” he said. “And it would allow people to also have access to the farm.”

Two sites, a couple firepits, picnic tables and a porta potty later, SafeHouse Farm became one of the coolest campgrounds around.

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