Fundraiser serves up doughnuts to help parents of kids with autism pay for expensive therapies

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LINCOLNWOOD, Ill. — In an effort to raise money for children on the autism spectrum, Stan’s Donuts and Italian restaurant Stefani Prime collaborated with the Autism Hero Project.

A Stan’s Donuts food truck used the parking lot for Stefani Prime in Lincolnwood to host the fundraiser, while also accepting online orders.

“It just allows us to connect with the community,” Stan’s employee Susan Barnett said.

Organizers said 15 percent of the proceeds from purchases will go towards the Autism Hero Project, which is most well-known for providing resources to families needing access to insurance and Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA therapy.

Many health care plans do not include coverage for ABA therapy, preventing many individuals on the autism spectrum from receiving adequate care.

“By supporting the Autism Hero Project, parents get access to therapies for their children,” supporter Holly Lin said.

More than 100 donut orders were placed online for the event, where customers picked them up and purchased them from a Stan’s food truck.

Many customers donated donuts to local first responders, including to the Lincolnwood Police and Fire departments.

Among local supporters of the charity are Jewel-Osco, who employ many individuals on the autism spectrum.


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