Sproing Fitness ditches ‘dreadmill’ for better workout, says founder

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CHICAGO — Sproing Fitness’s motto is to get off the dreadmill.

Maybe that’s why Conde Nast Traveler says it’s one of the trendiest in the country.

Paul Tobeck, Sproing founder and CEO, came up with the idea while running in sand.

The machine offers a spongy, almost trampoline surface and is outfitted with resistance bands as well as a belt to keep your body in correct running position.

Rashied Davis, a former Chicago Bears wide receiver, is a big fan and a little over a month ago, came on as a trainer.

Two years post-hip surgery and a series of other football injuries, he needed to train smarter.

“I got into this because I’m a busted old football player. My hip hurt me all the time I needed rehab I needed somewhere to be able to run and this allows me to do so without putting extra stress on my body without my hip hurting at the end of my workouts,” he said.

The class is only 45 minutes long, a ten minute warm up, and 30 minutes of intense interval training.

20 seconds on, then seconds off.

Strength, resistance, cardio.

“It’s one of those things were you don’t dread doing it and because the intervals are short 20 seconds, you’re always changing you can do anything for 20 seconds. And its cardio strength and power by the time you’re done with it the interval is over time to do something else,” says Tobeck.

This studio is the orginal but there are now two in Baltimore and one at Brian Urlacher’s gym in Los Angeles.

Rashied hopes to expand the concept into the northern suburbs.

An unlimited membership will run you $139 a month.

But according to these folks save years of wear and tear on your body.

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