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CHICAGO — You don’t find many history lessons in a recording studio, but for a handful of South Side Chicago students, that’s exactly where it happened.

Working alongside Kroc Center Music Manager, Michael LaDisa, students intertwined their own words into speeches of Dr. King’s.

“In the end we had a rap song that embodied not just the powerful voice of Dr. King Jr, but words relevant to young people today,”  LaDisa said.

“I never really thought about the meaning behind the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s speeches until we were challenged to put them into a song,” student Tina Brook said.

For weeks they worked on the song in the recording studio at The Kroc Center at 119th Street.

“It was really fun to do it! I had never made a song before so this was special,” Brook said.

Recently their song titled “My Dream, My  Voice” was added as a single on iTunes.

“The girls went nuts when they found out,” LaDisa said.  “Absolutely screaming and shouting with their cell phones out. It was just incredible to see their excitement and to know that Dr. King’s words still resonate so strongly with young people today.”

You can download and hear the single “My Dream, My Voice” by the KRoc City Music Factory on iTunes for 99 cents.