Shop owner fixes up old bikes to give wheels to those in need

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STREAMWOOD — His shop is called Never Ending Cycles, an appropriate name for a guy who has pretty much had a bike wrench in hand since he was 15.

From selling shiny new ones to fixing up old favorites, owner Mike Geigel loves nothing more than sending people off with two wheels and a smile. But when he heard about kids without, his own wheels began spinning.

“There’s so many people that need bikes around here,” Geigel said. “There’s people in our area that need the help and don’t need to be spending $100, $200 or $400 dollars on a bike”.

So for each new bike he sold, he asked if he could take the old one off their hands. Within weeks he had dozens of donations, and old frames and wheels stacked to the ceiling. Then came a work of love, piecing each one back to its former glory.

“It’s either that or throw them away. That’s just not right,” Geigel said. “I can take the time, spend a few dollars and get them out the door.”

Every month he loads dozens of rebuilt bikes into the back of his van, headed to the local food pantry. Geigel lost count of the number of bikes he’s delivered to the pantry after 150, but says he feels good every time he sees another kid riding down the block.

“We’re getting people on bikes and that’s what we need,” Geigel said.

Never Ending Cycles
1060 E. Schaumburg Rd.
Streamwood, Il 60107


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