Photographer finds way to save cats and her business in the face of COVID-19


CHICAGO — A corporate photographer found a way to salvage her business during the COVID-19 pandemic by changing up her clientele.

For more than a decade, photographer Tina Smothers has been capturing head shots to catapult her clients in the corporate world.

That was until COVID-19.

“Basically business is zero right now. No one is doing head shots. No one is doing events. Basically, everything is on hold,” said Smothers.

She found solace in a couple of cats she adopted through Windy Kitty Cafe.

“They just looked at each other and she gave her a kiss on the head and they immediately just bonded,” said Jennifer Tiner, owner of Windy Kitty Cafe.

When Smothers learned the cat rescue was also being forced to close — something clicked.

“They’re not real easy subjects,” she joked.

Since people can’t physically come to Windy Kitty Cafe, she’s bringing the cats to them through photography.

“There’s the one with the sad eyes or the playful crazy and everyone wants something different,” said Tiner.

“Some people sort of equate it to me doing cat head shots — which is kind of true when I take a look at it!’ said Smothers.

Her photographs are now gracing Windy Kitty Cafe’s website.

“They’re amazing. They’re phenomenal photos. They’re beautiful and she captures them the way we would want to be captured,” said Tiner.

To learn more about the Windy Kitty Cafe click here.


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