Parents getting crafty to entertain bored kids stuck at home


Some parents call it the “boredom fallout”: weeks at home without friends, museums or sports activities leave kids desperate for something to do. 

So many parents are flocking to stores like Michaels, sparking a kind of crafting boom.

“It’s been nuts and hard to get stuff done without putting him in front of the TV,” mom Jessica Jackson said. 

After three days of her son scaling the walls at home, she took things into her own hands. 

“I got some balls, paints and got some slime. Hoping that gets me at least 20 minutes,” she laughs. 

“We definitely have a lot of people coming in to buy crafts just to keep their kids busy,” said Sophie Castellanos, who works as the Assistant Manager of a Michaels in Bucktown. 

Castellanos said sales are up, as are preordered pickups. And soon customers won’t even have to leave the car.

“Starting this Friday the 20th, we will be offering curbside pick up where we can bring your online order right out to your car,” Castellanos said.  

And unlike sanitizer and toilet paper, there’s still plenty of beads, glitter and glue on the shelves to get you through.


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