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CHICAGO —   They are sprinkled all over the city; Big bold iconic pieces of art, some with decades of history behind them.  And now they’re ready to spill their secrets.

The Miro Sculpture in the Loop for example, has a voice courtesy of Chicago native, writer, director, and producer Shonda Rhimes.

Collette Hiller is the producer of “Statue Stories” Chicago, a new public art exhibit unveiled today all across the city.  It was developed to draw new eyes to Chicago’s iconic art.

“These statues are all across the city and people don’t really know what they’re doing there,” she says. “And yet they were put there for some real reason somebody went to great efforts to put them there.”

All 31 statue stories are written and or voiced by Chicagoans, or those whose careers in the arts were shaped by the Windy City.

All it takes is a cell phone to hear a story.  You walk up, scan a QR code or type in a short url, and Copernicus, The Bean, the lions, even Abe Lincoln come alive with the voices of Johnny Galecki, David Schwimmer and John C Reilly –  just to name a few.

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