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A new app is paring pet adoption with virtual reality.

Typically if you go online to see shelter pets, you get a still, sad picture of a pet in a cage that doesn’t really tell you anything about the animal’s demeanor or personality. Now a new app called  PetGotchaDay completely changes that.

You can see every pet in 3D and, if you have a pair of virtual reality glasses, you will feel like you are right there with them.

Erica Bishaf is the founder and has spent years volunteering at local animal shelters.  She is passionate about trying to find owners for Chicago’s homeless pets.

“One day the light switch went off and I thought what if we could bring viewers to the pets without them ever having to leave their computer or put down their mobile device,” she says.

It would be one stop shopping with multiple shelters showcasing their furry pets all in 3D virtual reality.

Pets up for adoption get their own photo shoot with a special 3D camera.

And potential owners view it like they are right there with the pet at the shelter.

“You will feel like you can reach out and touch the pet,” Erica says. “You will want to chase them around the room and you will definitely fall in love. … It will feel as if the viewer is in the same environment as the pet experiencing it alongside of them.”

Bishaf’s app just launched weeks ago and she hopes it will not only open more hearts, but more doors for these dogs so often overlooked.

They are constantly uploading new videos of the animals so you can continue getting a real feel for their personalities right from your own phone.

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