Mom’s call for support of NICU nurses inspires dozens of donations from friends and strangers


CHICAGO — It has been almost two months since baby Milo Cayton arrived, with nearly every one of those 48 days spent in the NICU. 

“It can be a lonely thing having a baby in the NICU. You feel like people don’t really understand and other people get to go home with their babies and we weren’t able to do that,” said Milos’  mom, Taylor Kochmit. 

Her heartbreak was only amplified due to pandemic restrictions which significantly cut back parents’ visiting hours. 

“The visitation has been completely limited, including for those NICU volunteer snugglers that come in to cuddle the babies. They help the nurses so much, but unfortunately they cannot come into the building because of COVID,” she said.

Taylor Kochmit and baby Milo Cayton in the NICU

So Taylor decided to make a random post on social media to let a few friends know how badly those NICU babies and nurses needed a hand, specifically more of those special Mamaroo soothing rocking chairs. 

The next day, there were more than 30 boxes waiting at her door, filled with not only Mamaroos and swaddling blankets, but also every infant toy imaginable. 

“I took our daughter to the park the next day and came back and I couldn’t even see my doorstep because the Amazon packages were stacked so high,” Kochmit said.

There were so many that packages that Taylor and her family had to get a truck to deliver them to area hospitals. 

“Just to feel all this support from loved ones, friends and strangers means so much,” Kochmit said.

Want to pitch in? A “NICU wish list” is available on Amazon.


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