Meet the girl with rare disease from heart-warming Hawks campaign

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WHEATON, Ill. — For nearly her first year of life, Cammy Babiarz​ was a typical happy baby.

Several months later the changes began: Cammy couldn’t sit up, couldn’t feed herself, the babbling slowed. Test results showed nothing. Doctors told her parents all kids develop differently.

Then a specialist caught on.

Cammy was diagnosed with Rett syndrome, a genetic neurological disorder that affects one in ten thousand — girls almost exclusively. Cammy can’t walk or talk or use her hands. But her cognitive skills are sharp. She’s in school full time – physical therapy, occupational therapy, technology training to communicate.

But nothing makes this little Wheaton, Ill., girl happy quite like the Blackhawks, whom she saw for the first time two years ago.

And the Blackhawks have shown a little love back this year, as part of the team’s One Goal campaign.

Cammy not only hung out with her favorite player Duncan Keith, she got a chance to play with him.

The day was a dream come true for this little girl and her parents, who have since been able to put a spotlight on this little-known disease.

As they raise awareness, Cammy continues to follow the team closely. And as the team fights on for the Stanley Cup, a message today for Cammy’s new friend.

“I have lost 7 teeth, I am catching up to Duncan Keith,” she said through a computer.

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