Meet the beloved ‘Money King’ of Lindenhurst, treasurer Art Neubauer

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LINDENHURST, Ill. — Typically there’s not a lot of love for the number-cruncher, but in the Village of Lindenhurst the treasurer is borderline celebrity.

There’s a tree and a street named after 89-year-old Village Treasurer Art Neubauer, but he says that’s just what happens when you do the same thing for 56 years.

“No one wants to fill his big shoes,” jokes Lindenhurst Mayor Dominic Marturano.

Known as “The Money King,” there’s a reason he’s been appointed by one mayor after another. Art has not only kept the bottom line all this time, but also he’s making the village richer every year.

Back in the ’80s, Neubauer suggested investing when every other town’s books were in the red.

“Then the market exploded and we look like a genius,” Neubauer said with a smile.

For 56 years, he’s made certain all the numbers match as well as his outfits.

“I think his favorite is his teal green polo with the same shade pants and teal green socks,” granddaughter Kelly Ford said.

The village made August 12th Art Neubauer Day six years ago in honor of their cherished money man.

“They say to me, how long are you gonna do this?” Art said. “I keep telling them, as long as I like it!”

While all his buddies retired decades back, Art keeps showing up to pay the bills.

You’d think that would be enough, but he is also the president of the Lake School District Education Foundation, a board member of Vista Hospital and oversees the police pension fund. He turns 90 this march.


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