Man who’s spent years feeding the homeless receives incredible surprise

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CHICAGO — He’s been serving up food to the homeless for years and now he’s about to be served up with a huge surprise.

For seven years, two men, 40 miles apart start their day in a garage.

“I’ve been doing this seven years straight every day,” said Michael Airhart. “God gave me a mission to feed everyday.”

One man cooking meals for the homeless, the other fixing cars to give away for free.

Their stories merged on a Chicago street corner when Frank Hauser of Good News Garage heard Micheal Airhart’s van broke down.

The man who spent years serving up others was about to be served himself.

“We take donated vehicles, fix them up and give them away to people who need a car. Because, as you know, you can’t get a job without a car and you can’t get a car without a job,” said Hauser. “Michael, we’d like to give you a car.”

“I got to give you a hug. We’re both in the people helping business,” says Airhart.

There’s a saying that “a good deed brightens a dark world.”

“Man, I just got a van, really?”

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