CHICAGO — A small-time cookie shop just outside of Wrigleyville would have never expected to take off the way it did with just a post of a TikTok.

Cloud Cookie, located on North Clark Street, has received more shipping orders in the past week than they have in the past seven to eight months, the owner says.

“We’re stretched a little thin right now, but we’re handling it.  We’re not rushing anything. We’re keeping the quality which is what’s important to me and always has been,” Morin said.

Anne Marie Morin, the owner of Cloud Cookie, says the shop took off in quarantine, just getting off the ground, amid a global scare and is now grateful for the abundance of love.

Her dedicated staff is working night and day to cater to their now national reach.

“The orders are coming in, I’ll look at my phone, my email and every ten minutes, we’re getting more shipping orders.”

She has also gone live from the kitchen, a recent TikTok that had more than 4,500 people watching it at the same time.

“I don’t have the funding for billboards and all of that, so this is my little way of getting cloud cookie’s name out there some more.”

The online fame is also translating to real life visits from fans turned customers — all with the luck of social media.

“We love it, the whole team. It’s a really good energy right now.”

A dream for any small business, the Cloud Cookie team prepares for what is to come next.