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Just over six months ago, 19-year old Vidal Lopez lost both legs, above the knee, when the car he was riding in was hit by tractor trailer near his home in Mexico.

One leg was amputated immediately and the other was amputated about a week later in Chicago in a lifesaving surgery.

He spent his time in a wheelchair and in very basic prostheses with assistance.

The knees he had did not have the “inherent intelligence” he needed to make them walk.  He coupld only walk at one speed.

Vidal wanted more.  He wanted to function like a typical 19-year old.  Searching online, he found an organization started by Boston Marathon bombing survivor and fellow amputee, Heather Abbott.

Because her injuries were very public, Heather says she was able to get the funds to get into the prostheses she needed to resume her normal life..  It is a luxury she says other amputees often cannot afford.

Through a grant from the Heather Abbott Foundation, Vidal can now follow in her footsteps.

Just one week on his new microprocessor c-legs and Vidal’s life has already changed.  He’s getting stronger and faster.   He’s now a high school graduate and is planning college in the Spring.  He one day hopes to possible become a bionic engineer to help other amputees  like Heather helped him.

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