Holy Batmobile Batman! Suburban man fulfills childhood dream

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From 1966 to 1968, “Batman” reigned as king on TV sets across the country. Kids like Marv Tazelaar were mesmerized with the bigger than life car known as the Batmobile.

"It had everything, the Detect-A-Scope, rear flame thrower and that iconic red bat phone," Tazelaar, now 55, said. "My fascination never went away. Next thing you know, you’re an adult saying, 'I need a Batmobile'."

It was a farfetched dream for more than 30 years until 19 feet of high gloss black and red rolled across a Mecum auction block.

"My eyes got the size of saucers and I thought, ‘Holy Cow, I might buy this!’" Tazelaar said.

Now Tazelaar is the proud owner of Batmobile No. 5.

"To see it and hear it, it's like I’m 5 all over again!" he said.

Shortly after that, pictures of the iconic Batmobile started popping up all over the Western Suburbs.

"I see the backsides of cell phones a lot,” Tazelaar said. "Everybody is happy to see it and nobody doesn't smile when I’m on the road."

Most collector cars never leave the garage to maintain their pristine condition. Tazelaar is different. He takes his Batmobile out every chance he gets.

"It has brought so much joy to adults and kids that come up and ask to sit behind the chrome wheel,” he said. “That's why I bought it!"

So next time you see those double bubble windshields flying down the expressway, know you're looking at a piece of television history and drive by a guy giddy with nostalgic joy.


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