VERNON HILL, Ill. — You often hear that things get better with age. A group of seniors from Vernon Hills have certainly found that to be true when it comes to friendships.

Jim Novak and Steve Cohn say without the burden of child rearing and jobs friendships in their golden years feel different.

“Makes me feel secure and happy to have these people,” Cohn said.

“You feel like you belong,” Novak said. “I think that’s the best expression I can use. You feel like you belong.”

For several years now, they have traveled in a pack at Brookdale Hawthorn Lakes Senior Living Home. Their dinner table was a full-fledged men’s roundtable until the day they made a new invite.

“We noticed Bunny sitting by herself and we had an empty chair at our table,” Novak said.

“Just because you’re 85 doesn’t mean you can’t find your new best friend,” Tammy “Bunny” Hemmingway said. “And that’s what I see all the time”

The boys and Bunny prove there’s no expiration date on forging new friendships.