Getting ready for Paczki Day

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CHICAGO — In just seven days the indulgence that is Fat Tuesday will begin. But for much of the Midwest and especially here in Chicago, it’s more importantly Paczki Day.

If you are unfamiliar, these delicious balls of sweet, sweet dough are paczki. The idea is simple: fluffy and filled with things like apple, custard, raspberries, fresh strawberries and cream to name a few.

At Bennison’s Bakery in Evanston, Ill., nine different varieties have owner Jory Downer and his team now working around the clock.

Traditionally the Polish glazed treats are served the day before lent, using up all the eggs, lard and sugar usually prohibited during the Lenten season.

At Bennison’s phones are ringing off the hook. Jory will sell thousands between now and next Tuesday.

And come this Saturday, paczki will help him give back, as fans can participate in his 7th annual paczki eating contest for charity.

For more information:

Bennison’s Bakery

1000 Davis Street




7th Annual Paczki Eating Contest

Sat. Feb. 6th 2pm


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