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They’ve been called lane hogs, slow pokes, left lane lollygaggers and a few far more colorful terms, but they are one of the biggest commuter complaints on Chicagoland roads.

Every state in the U.S. and many cities overseas have some sort of law indicating drivers going slower than surrounding traffic should stay in the right lanes.

In Illinois the left lane is supposed to only be used when overtaking and passing another vehicle, according to state law. If you get busted an improper lane usage ticket troopers say could cost you $120. And more states are really starting to crack down on lane hogs.

So why the big push to get drivers right?   Officials say slower vehicles in the left lane contribute to backups, tailgating and rivers weaving around traffic – and ultimately crashes.

Here are some of the complaints WGN heard about Lane Hogs.

I drive to the city everyday for me left lane drivers.. they don’t get over you’re trying to get over.. they just shouldn’t be there.

It’s definitely illegal and it’s definitely bad because it’s the passing lane..  it slows down traffic and it causes crash and if you’re not passing you should get over to the lanes that are used for non passing vehicles.

We do have some impatient drivers out there if you are in the left hand lane it’s a passing lane not to be used for slower drivers you have to get over in Chicago we have a lot of fast drivers people want to get to where they need to go.

It makes it very frustrating and it’s not even just the cars anymore.. I had a semi that wouldn’t get over.. and he was in the left lane.. I was like.. I don’t get it anymore.