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CHICAGO — On Saturday, about 2,000 families will get supplies needed to prepare a Thanksgiving meal — including a turkey or a ham.

Jim Hogan, from CVS/Aetna, is a part of the team of volunteers who have spent the last 12-plus years helping distribute food in a part of the city where affordable food is scarce.

“What we’re really trying to do is reduce food insecurity across Chicago, that’s a big focus of our organization,” Hogan said.

The biggest focus for Liz Cabral-Arreola, food pantry director for St. Gall’s Parish, is trying to give back — and in doing so — give hope.

“I understood that the best thing was to love people and just to be good,” Cabral-Arreola said.

On a cold weekend this holiday season, it’s a reminder that giving back, even in a small way, can warm hearts.

To reach out to St Gall’s for questions regarding the food pantry, they can be reached at (773) 737-3113, or by email at To make a donation toward the food pantry, you can visit their donations page here.