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Two Chicago guys are bringing a little piece of Chicago history into living rooms through a unique furniture business.

It’s called 1840 Creative.  It’s a reference to the Industrial Revolution and that transition between wood and steel.

Elvis Ortega and Yair Rodriguez both work day jobs in business suits, but at night they are working with their hands in a old armory warehouse in the Back of the Yards.   Both came from hardworking blue collar families with backgrounds in woodworking and the steel mills.

Together, Ortega and Rodriguez are breathing new life into the old trades that supported their families for decades.

Using reclaimed wood and steel from building all over Chicagoland they fuse together the warmth of wood with the steel to create unique modern pieces.

They take deep pride in their work, saying it honors not just the history of old Chicago buildings but their own families belief in using their hands to create something.

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