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A mom’s invention can be a revelation for students with learning difficulties.

Nancy Dellamore took her son out of the school that restrained him as he struggled with dyslexia – and into a new one:  the Hyde Park Dayschool in north suburban Northfield. Dellamore says teachers were open to allowing her son’s need for movement throughout the day.

“I said if we only had a desk the kids could stand at, if we only had a desk that did this, if they had a desk they had privacy,” Dellamore said. If only was created with the help of teachers, administrators and students, and Dellamore’s Chicago-based manufacturing company.

The Focus Desk allows students from kindergarten through high school to change their position throughout the day – whenever the movement strikes.

Along with its adjustable height, the unit itself is moveable, a leaf expands its width to accommodate a computer and notepad. It also contains a color coded organization system, coat and bag hooks, and a privacy screen.

In just two years Dellamore has sold thousands of the desks to schools across the country, not just for kids with learning difficulties. She has found with physical education and recess time in schools diminishing, the need to move during class has gotten even greater.

Each unit costs around $400, less if schools order multiple units. A program is being put together to make it easier for parent teacher organizations to raise money to get some Focus Desks in their schools.

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