Flying by the seat of their pants: Retirees embrace adventure with spontaneous trips

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CHICAGO — After retirement, there’s monetary investments and then emotional investments. For three Chicago women, their biggest investment return, they say, has been things that feed the soul; adventure and spontaneity.

Helene Paris, Sharon Dugan and Kathy Leitzll make it their mission to fly blind. They show up at O’Hare airport with packed bags and three rules. 1. They need a flight under $300. 2. They have to go someplace the three had never been to before. And 3. They must have a willingness to fly anywhere.

“At first they think we’re crazy,” Leitzll said. “But everybody needs to be crazy in a good way. You need to do scary things ever so often just to keep some spice in your life.”

It is clear these three friends find joy in the spontaneity of life and flying by the seat of their pants.

Erin Ivory has their story.


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