Farmer’s Fridge working to bring veggies to underserved Chicago kids


CHICAGO — Chicago company is on a mission to turn thousands of underserved kids on to healthy eating.

Farmer’s Fridge is doing is on a crusade to get colorful vegetables onto kids’ plates and into neighborhoods in dire need of fresh produce.

For months now, their green and white truck has been unloading tables and stacking them high with free salads, grain bowls and fresh fruit

“Since March, we’ve donated almost 40,000 meals to Chicago,” CEO Luke Saunders said. “And we’ve donated 8,000 to the Big Shoulders Fund School Network.”

Saunders said the goal is make fresh meals as accessible as a candy bar.

“They’re portable, ready to eat, lots of fresh vegetables,” he said. “So we can bring them all over the city and set it up quickly for donations.”

Through the partnership with Big Shoulders Fund Network, Farmer’s Fridge is nourishing a city block by block.


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