Family helps elderly man with dementia renew vows to relive his favorite day

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. — One Wisconsin man has been living with dementia for years, but one thing he hasn’t forgotten is how much he loves his wife.

The love story for Frank and Sue Borg started before their wedding 54 years ago.

“He was a relentless pursuer of her, and he finally won, and got her to fall in love with him and they got married,” his little brother John remembers.

Because of the progression of his dementia, Frank now lives in a memory care facility. Sue visits every day.

“Every time she walks in the room, he lights up,” said Paula Gibson, Azura Memory Care. “He has not forgotten one moment of love that he has felt for her.”

Marrying the woman of his dreams was a wish come true for Frank. And it was granted once again, 54 years later, when family and friends held a special ceremony to help him relive what he called the best day of his life.

“That’s how Frank is. He’s always been wonderful,” Sue said.

“It’s easy to be wonderful when you are,” Frank said.

The staff at Azura Memory Care helped facilitate the ceremony as well, inviting the friends and family who’ve seen the love remain through his illness.

“After 54 years of marriage, a man who looks at his wife with so much love and tenderness in his eyes is amazing,” Gibson said.

The love sparked in the eyes of two teenagers was reaffirmed over 50 years later, as they’ve stayed together through good times, and bad.

“It has been adding to our memories,” Sue said.


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