CHICAGO — Howard Street was the canvas for vibrant chalk art Saturday in Rogers Park.

The festival is a colorful way to showcase the neighborhood, Sandi Price, the executive director of the Rogers Park Business Alliance said.

“I like to draw things that are bright and really colorful,” Rebecca LaFlure said. “I draw inspiration as a nineties kid.”

LaFlure discovered a passion for chalk art during the height of the pandemic.

“I lost the fingers on my right hand in a car accident in 2007 and I am right-handed,” LaFlure said. “Getting into this chalk art was the first time I delved into art after my accident and it was cool discovering a new passion and realizing I could do something I didn’t know I could do.”

LaFlure is one of several 2D and 3D artists featured at this year’s Chalk Howard Street.

Amateurs could purchase squares to participate.

“We do it to bring the community together,” Price said. “We love our businesses on Howard Street. Everything is local. Local music, local food, local vendors and some great artists.”

For LaFlure, dubbed the neighborhood chalk lady on the North Side, the art is fun and accessible to create experience.

“I just want people to enjoy themselves, enjoy their neighborhood,” LaFlure said. “Eat some food, listen to music and just admire what people can do on the streets.”