Drive-thru ‘unicorn’ show brings a bit of magic to Illinois town, for a good cause

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WAUCONDA, Ill. — After hearing food pantries were being depleted during the coronavirus pandemic, Vanessa Malo Kurzinski wondered: how could her Wauconda horse farm be part of the solution? 

So she came up with a unique idea for Foundations Farm: offer something legendary for a can of soup.

“I thought, ‘I don’t want to charge admission at this time with so many people being out of work, but we could accept food donations!” Kurzinski said.

By that weekend, cars lined up the dusty drive a quarter mile deep to see a mythical unicorn standing amongst a field of horses. 

“This past Sunday we had 171 cars come through,” Kurzinski said. “The kids were peering out, standing up out of sunroofs, hanging out their car windows.”

The spiral-horned beauty captivated kids by the carload while filling the trough with food.

“People even brought huge bags of food with huge jars of peanut butter and soup and beans… it’s been awesome,” Kurzinksi said.

So far, the mystical horse has yielded thousands of donations for the Wauconda Island Lake Food Pantry down the road.

“Sometimes they’ll ask, ‘Is it a real unicorn?’ and I’ll say, ‘Do you believe it is?’ and they’ll say yes,” Kurzinkski said.

There’s a saying that it takes belief in magic — however small — for any world to survive.

In Wauconda, a unicorn helping to feed a community is nothing short of magical. 

For more information, visit Foundations Farm’s Facebook page.

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