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DEERFIELD, Ill. — When Elyse Peterson opened her mailbox last week, what she found inside seemed like a fairly common piece of junk mail from a local car dealership. 

But she found a handwritten note and some black-and-white images instead.

“It said, ‘Mr and Mrs. Peterson, I believe the enclosed imaging is very significant to you. It may have come from a vehicle returned. It’s from some time ago,’” Peterson said. 

Enclosed with the note were the first ultrasound images ever taken of their daughter almost exactly two years ago.

Michael Townsend, who works as a General Manager at Toyota on Eden’s, penned the letter after the images were found in the glovebox of a vehicle. 

Townsend said he could just make out the name on the images and then look them up in the system, discovering the car was previously leased by the Petersons.

“I just knew… to everybody else, it probably wouldn’t matter that much but to this family it was gonna be everything,” Townsend said. “ I was praying it would be them and sent it out and the rest is history.”

Elyse Peterson said she was shocked to receive the images in the mail. 

“It  just really instilled hope and goodness to realize people will go the extra mile to return something this meaningful,” Peterson said.

The Petersons said it was a kindness they will never forget – especially when it comes time to buy a new car. But Townsend said it wasn’t about that.

“It’s nice to do something that’s gonna have such lasting meaning, and you know it’s like the very first pictures,” Townsend said.