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WOOD DALE, Ill. — At Earth Paint, every gallon has a story.

Through old paint can donations, Earth Paint transforms leftovers into new, luxurious latex paint comparable to high-end brands.

It’s not only one of the few paint recyclers in the Midwest, but also a unique company where every employee has a special need or disability. For many of the employees, it’s their first paying job.

“This is my first job. It feels really good to be making money…having some pride. Plus we’re creating something beautiful,” Earth Paint worker Kevin Mastin said.

The process is long and messy, but the end result is paint that’s friendly for the Earth, and life-changing for those who make it. And at $18 a gallon, it costs a third of other brands.

“We’re hoping that people who purchase our paint do feel a sense of pride; they’re helping the environment, but they’re also helping people with special needs,” Earth Paint’s Christopher MCarthy said. “Their walls tell a story, and the story is right here, beginning at Earth Paint.”

Information on donation sites and how to purchase Earth Paint is available online.