Commuter Complaints: Putting the ‘plane’ in complaints

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There are flight delays, cancellations, lost luggage, ticketing issues - these are things about air travel often out of our control.  But could we, the traveling public, do more to make everyone’s trip a little more enjoyable?

Navigating your way through the airport and onto the plane - the logistics - coupled with crowds seem to give people the most air travel angst.

Travel expert Kendra Thorton says first and foremost, the key is time.  Build some in your trip to dodge any unexpected uh-ohs in plans.  Be courteous to others and remember we all have somewhere to go. And be aware of what’s ahead, especially in the security line.

“During that time make sure you’re emptying your pockets of any change, taking off jewelry that’s going to take extra time to remove … take your coat off,” she says. “You can be doing some of these steps in line so that when you get up to go through security the screening process you have everything organized and ready.”

If you are in a hurry, avoid the line with families.  It’s hard to travel with kids and mom and dad are probably doing the best they can, but it will take longer.   And many times TSA will give them a little help.

Once at the gate look at your boarding group and stick to it.  Line jumping will just get you nasty side eye from fellow passengers and so will any attempts to sneak more luggage in the overhead bins.

If you do see a luggage issue developing, Kendra suggests asking a flight attendant to step in to avoid passenger conflict.

And if your beef is with the airline itself.

Take complaints to the Department of Transportation, not the airline.  Complaints to the DOT make it into the air travel consumer report which is studied to ensure airlines are compliant with federal regulations and its available to ticket buying public.

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