CHICAGO — The road to mental health may not be the easiest to navigate but Coffee, Hip Hop and Mental Health is striving to expand it.

“The goal is to serve a cup of coffee to anyone who walks through the door,” Christopher Lemark, the founder, said six months ago right after the shop opened.

The shop located on Belmont near Seminary in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood not only serves coffee creations but serves as a place for group therapy sessions.

The non-profit uses the donations customers pay to provide free therapy sessions, up to 10, for those who want it and cannot otherwise afford it.

“It’s a safe space but the beautiful thing is the donation for the cafe… which means that everyone’s invited, right? So, if you have funds to donate, do that but if you don’t have funds, you’re still invited and you can choose your price,” Lemark said.

Next month, the organization will look to expand its reach when it hosts its first-ever black-tie event at the massive Starbucks Roastery on North Michigan Avenue.

Lemark chose this spot because of his own mental health journey starting at a Starbucks nearly five years ago.

“To have a huge celebration in a Starbucks, that same brand that allowed me a safe space to cry, figure it out and decide to go to therapy, this is a full circle moment I’m excited to celebrate with the people here in Chicago.”

It will be a full circle moment, he says, one in which he hopes to raise $100,000 to support more mental health services to those in Chicago.