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“On Demand” seems to be a way of life these days. If it isn’t the television you’re watching, it’s the food delivered to your front door or the ride waiting at your back door. Consumers are lapping up the apps that make it possible.

Now comes another one, but with a new twist: Providing on-demand services that cater to the provider, not just the consumer.

It’s called Chore Relief. The app was launched this year by four people from Chicago. It puts you in touch with service providers who can help you around the house: painters, landscapers, handy men, etc. But the key here is getting a person who wants to be their own boss on the right track to run their own business.

Rozalado & Co. started small in 2012 with just five family members, with Ricardo in charge. Today he has 80 plus employees in four states and they do it all. With that many workers, he tries to keep everybody busy when they’re on the clock. His goal is efficiency.

But Erik Wallace had a different goal. He is a one-man show with no employees and will do all sorts of odd jobs, but needed help getting customers and running his business Hand-E-Help like a professional.

“I’m great with my hands, great with doing the work, but I’m not great with the administrative stuff. I don’t know how to start a business,” he says.

Both of them have turned to the app Chore Relief. They are using technology to open new doors for them in the city and the outlying suburbs. The app has over 1,000 users so far. Consumers can download it to book on-demand services for everything from painting to hanging pictures.

But this app boasts more than just customer service, it takes a different approach to getting the job done.

Chore Relief likes to think of every independent contractor as an entrepreneur. For them the app provides access to jobs and educational materials, including workshops once a month and in person. There, they talk through insurance, taxes, payroll and more.

Consumers meanwhile can set their own price, their own time and build some trust with a “regular” they’d like to hire time and time again. Background checks are done and all independent contractors are insured up to $2 million while on the job.

There are no fees for customers. The app is free on iOS only right now. And there’s no upfront cost to service providers either. Chore Relief gets a percentage of the overall cost of services completed.

In the home improvement space, independent contractors are often terrible at billing customers and customers aren’t always great about paying in a timely fashion. Chore Relief pays workers at the time the job is completed. No delay.

The founders of the app say they plan to expand to other cities and take the concept into other industries.

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