CHICAGO — You often hear about dog or cat rescue groups. But bunny rescues? Not so much.

The Dumped Bunny Rescue Gang at the Red Door Animal Shelter is busy and brimming with bunnies in need of homes. 

“We have 51 strays at Red Door and 303 surrender request so far this year,” volunteer Julie Dorian said. “And 198 field rescues by the Dumped Bunny Group.”

When Red Door hits capacity, Dorian and other foster parents, pick up the slack.

“You can’t just set them free in the wild cause they won’t make it,” she said. “And that’s when we need to go out and find them and take care of them and that’s what we do.”

Red Door hopes to find fosters and  forever homes for the hundreds of other bunnies they take in each year.

Red Door operates not only the shelter but also a bunny boarding facility called Hare BnB.