A Chicago area woman has found a way to use her talents to help thousands of children in war torn regions of Ukraine.

Elena Diadenko has always found peace in running a paint brush across glass. It reminded her of her roots in Ukraine, where the delicate art form has remained a popular part of culture for centuries.

Teaching it to others here in the States has always been special, but she never imagined it would be the tie that would allow her to help. 

With nothing more than a paintbrush in her own hand, and by guiding the hand of others, Diadenko was able to raise more than $50,000 dollars she donated to those on the front lines. 

Little did she know, the same sweet folklore pictures she used for glass painting, would capture the attention of a woman in Eastern Ukraine who reached out to Diadenko, with a favor.

“She saw all the children going into cellars for months, not going to school,” she said. “She told me, ‘Could you draw a children’s book for these poor children?’”

And so she did. Twenty-two pages worth to uplift every child in Ukraine who received the special coloring book. 

“She published 50,000 books she delivered those books to every single village on the front line,” Diadenko said.

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It has inspired Diadenko to keep drawing, and sharing her knowledge of art to help those back in her homeland of Ukraine.

Diadenko used to make art so others could feel. Now today, it’s so others find hope and healing. 

“I need to give them something very special that will be healing for them and that can give them hope for a better Ukraine,” she said.