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CHICAGO During the long winter months in Chicago, snow angels and snowmen seem to be the extent of creativity for almost everybody.

For Eduardo Vea Keating, better known as ‘NosE’, it brings an art form to life.

Around 10 years ago, Keating threw a random snowball at a wall and noticed that some of it stuck to the wall.

The next day, Keating saw what was left of his snowball and just started drawing, creating the beginning of what he calls ‘Snow Graffiti Art.’

Using newly fallen snow, Keating works to turn dull snow-covered winter settings into beautiful pictures and hopeful messages.

“I usually don’t think too much about what I’m going to do and that’s more fun for me,” Keating said.

Eduardo Vea Keating

One of his creations, a piece of art that speaks directly to many Chicagoans: a simple drawing of a chair, captioned with the word ‘dibs.’

The artist behind the work remains a mystery to most, but sometimes Keating is caught in the act of creating another piece.

“It’s great when people say they like it and appreciate it, so that’s awesome,” Keating said.

His spontaneous work has been spotted throughout the city, including in Pilsen, Logan Square, Wicker Park and Printer’s Row.

The work often doesn’t last long, usually melting away in the afternoon sun.

“I wrote New Year’s resolutions and sure enough it melted within a day, just like everyone’s resolutions always fade out,” Keating said, joking of the usual fate of his artwork.

Keating said he hopes his snow creations cheer up whoever sees them throughout the city, and looks to continue the tradition for winters to come.

To check out his Instagram, click here.

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