Gallery to showcase Chicago artist, activist’s anti-Trump works

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Disclaimer: 'We're Fired' is a series of work centered around Donald Trump - and not in a positive light.  The artist’s views are his and his alone.

CHICAGO -- It was seemingly simple street art, a picture of Donald Trump as Batman sent art gallery owner Nicholas Zahn on a mission.

“I spent about two months trying to find him on Instagram and Googling “bat trump” and “art activist,” Zahn says.

He finally found Jacob Thomas, the artist behind a series of Trump-based pictures being featured at a new exhibit opening next month.

It is work Jacob has been doing for a little over a year.

“He told some child he was Batman and I was like, I have to draw that.”

But “Batman Trump” was just the beginning.

“Mao Trump” was created.  And “Forest Trump, “Mickey Trump” and “Richie Rich Trump.”

And Jacob isn’t just a street artist.  He is an illustrator by day.  His work has graced the covers of the New Yorker, Harvard Business Review and Newsweek.  You may have already seen one piece that popped up in the crowd at the cancelled Trump rally at UIC earlier this month: “Hitler Trump.”

Jacob’s exhibit on April 1st will mostly cover his Trump art as well as some of his other work.

“I actually believe in what I’m doing,” Jacob says. “I think it’s important and its scary there’s a possibility that he’s going to be our president, so that continues to fuel me through any idea of ‘Oh this painting might not sell well.’  That doesn’t actually matter as much as the influence I’m trying to do with this work.”


We’re Fired

Degenerate Art Gallery

Opening April 1st 7p-10p

On display through April 24th

5407 N. Clark St.




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