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CHICAGO — Erica Watson never expected to be where she is today. Growing up on the South Side, she dreamed of a life behind the lens.

It was her desire to make movies that propelled her into acting. After film school she moved to New York and did stand-up comedy to fund her independent films.

From stand-up she landed roles in movies like “Precious” and “Dirty Laundry” and landed several different spots on the smaller screen. In early December she plays Sugar Pie in “Chi-raq.”

Controversy has surrounded the film since word leaked Spike Lee would be doing an adaptation of a Greek play, set among violence in Chicago. Many people worried the film shines a negative spotlight on the city. Erica says Lee is hoping to help fix the problems.

After spending time with victims’ families — and even fellow actor Jennifer Hudson, who lost her mother, brother, and nephew to gun violence in Chicago — the Hyde Park native hopes “Chi-raq” will propel people to act in their own communities.

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