CHICAGO — The Center for Native Futures officially opened to the public last month, featuring the work of contemporary Native artists that honor the past and focus on Indigenous Futurism.

“For me, futurism is not only envisioning what our future can be, but realizing what our future can be,” said co-founder and artist, Debra Yepa-Pappan (Jemez Pueblo).

The center at 56 West Adams Street in the Loop also has a studio space and Yepa-Pappan says it is a safe place for artists to come together for community and support.

The inaugural Native Futures exhibition will be on display through May.

“Alot of times the narrative is Native people don’t have a future and no we’re showing that we’re realizing it,” said co-founder and artist Monica Rickert-Bolter (Prairie Band Potawatomi).

Visit the Center for Native Futures website for more information.