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CHICAGO — Nearly a year ago, Iashiskala Sims’ car was stolen from outside her job.

Liability insurance wouldn’t cover a replacement, leaving the single mother of four struggling to find a way to get to work and care for her family.

“I work at Walgreens, I take Uber or ask a neighbor for a ride, or I ask family to take me and it’s been expensive,” Sims said.

Almost a year later she entered a contest to win a new car, hoping luck would give her a second chance. Then on Sunday, as Iashiskala stepped out of Sweet Holy Spirit Church in South Chicago there was something waiting outside: a new (used) car just for her, complete with a bow on top.

The new vehicle was courtesy of local business W&W Towing.

“She’s been through it all, she’s still getting up every day. She’s still got motivation, she’s still being a mom,” said Early Walker, W&W Towing.

While mom gets a car to get to work and take the kids to school, there were gifts for the young ones in the trunk as well.

“I am so happy that God would have touched the heart of Early Walker to bless this family,” said Bishop Larry Trotter, Sweet Holy Spirit Church.

For Iashiskala, it’s a better place to start out 2021 as she leaves 2020 in her new rearview.