Avatar-inspired Cirque du Soleil sweeps into Chicago

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CHICAGO –It’s one of the biggest movies of all time and now Avatar’s Blue Na’vi and the world of Pandora have come to Chicago via Cirque du Soleil.

Toruk: The First Flight brings together beautiful bright costumes and elaborate sets.

It’s not a copy of the James Cameron blockbuster but more of a prequel from another world.

3000 years before Avatar, Toruk is the story of two young Na’vi making a journey across the moon of Pandora meeting new clans along the way.

It is a massive production. 27 semis haul the sets, costumes and technology needed for the short Chicago run of this very unique Cirque du Soleil.

40 projections are used in the show that project different scenes and different places.

The costumes involve intricate head pieces and dresses.

The set takes up the entire floor of the United Center, visually and technically immersing the audience in the show.  And there’s an app which allows people to create the environment around them.

Each element of the production created with the approval of James Cameron himself.

Toruk: The First Flight debuted in December and is expected to tour for several years.

TORUK – The First Flight performs at United Center from Wednesday, August 3 through Sunday, August 7.  Tickets are available at www.cirquedusoleil.com/toruk.


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