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A local Autistic girl’s artistic gifts are helping to raise money and spirits of others.

At age 3, Candace Waters, daughter of Robert and Sandy, was diagnosed with severe Autism.

After years in different therapy schools, her parents stumbled onto an untapped talent when Candy was 6 when a director of her schools told her to paint a picture.

That painting, sold at auction for $100.  Word of Candy’s new ability quickly spread and her skill level increased.

Her parents say painting helped develop her motor skills and was therapeutic for her.  And not only was art improving Candy’s life, her work was gaining momentum.  By 7, Candy made the cover of the Autism Perspective magazine and this summer, she was featured on both Something Special Magazine and the University of California-Irvine’s summer edition.

Prints of Candy’s work are now sold through the Kind Tree Autism Rocks organization and raise money to help other Autistic people realize their artistic dreams.  To date the highest price paid has been  $800.

Sandy and Robert are simply thankful their daughter is able to give back and give them a peek inside her heart.

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