CHICAGO — Getting a lesson in composting the remnants of Halloween, it was a gourd time for all.

By wagon, stroller and hand — people of the 47th ward came together for their annual tradition to smash pumpkins at Coonley Elementary School

“Last year we missed the pumpkin smash, and they sat around and rotted for several weeks so really happy to move onto the next season and get them out of the porch,” said North Center resident Sara Nutt.

For Emery Gagne, it was the first one.

“I haven’t’ smashed them before but I’ve brought them here and put them in the huge dumpster,” Gagne said.

It’s a way to enjoy the day, be good to nature and burn off some of that Halloween candy energy.

“I think it’s a lot of fun and it gives everyone a good opportunity for a post sugar out and smash some pumpkins and also put them where they’re not in my trash,” dad David Gagne said.