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GLENVIEW, Ill. — 11-year-old Parker Krex is likely the youngest company CEO around. He started Brick Loot a little over a year ago after this huge Lego fan received a disappointing package in the mail.

Brick Loot, a subscription-based company, delivers the latest and greatest in brick-themed toys each month.

Parker’s mom Erin and his dad run the day-to-day operations.

In the beginning, they sent out about 500 boxes a month.

Last year they sold over 13,000 boxes.

While Brick Loot is not associated with LEGO. It is all LEGO compatible and created in part by LEGO designers.

Parker does the research, contacts designers, and the creation begins with the purchase of bricks from all over the world.

“We order so many bricks a month we probably order from 15 different countries each month so it’s quite a feat to get all those bricks,” says Parker.

“I have no idea where he comes up with some of the ideas he does or how he knows who the hottest LEGO designers are he’ll say this new product is coming out. I’m like how did you find that? He’s just a wealth of information,” says Erin.

The Glenview entrepreneur is in his office on the weekends and occasionally after school.

“School comes first because I have to do my homework and I can’t bring homework in late then I can work in the office,” says Parker.

On top of research, Parker helps in packaging and travels to brick conventions selling and coming up with new ideas.

And then there is the product testing he’s been doing since he was a very little boy.

Parker hopes this is just the beginning of a long and successful career in brick building.

“We’re thinking of multiple possible other things we can do with it. But we can’t say those right now because they’re confidential!” says Parker.

If you want more info or check out Parker’s business, go to Brick Loot.