Father, son accused of making WMD for North Korea

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A father and son, both of Taiwan, were charged with exporting machinery from the U.S. that could be used to make weapons of mass destruction in North Korea.

The son, Gary Tsai, resides in Glenview and  is set to be processed for release in Kankakee tonight. He will then be released to his Glenview home for home confinement.

Tsai’s Glenview neighbors are in shock.  They thought they knew the 36-year-old and his wife who live on their block.He was in court today, linked to a man who is allegedly selling equipment to North Korea for the manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction.  That man overseas is the defendant’s 67-year-old father, Alex Tsai, who, according to the complaint has been designated a proliferator of weapons of mass destruction. Alex was arrested in Estonia last Wednesday, while his son was taken into custody at his Glenview home. The younger Tsai’s wife was in court today but is not charged with any wrongdoing.

In 2008 Gary Tsai is accused of buying a Sansei 20″rotary grinder for about $12,000 and shipping it to his dad in Taiwan. What it does exactly is unclear, but the International Emergency Economic Powers Act prohibits anyone in the U.S. from doing business with Alex Tsai, even his own son.

Tsai stood in court today, an interpreter assisting with the proceedings as his wife put  their family home up for collateral. The judge was allowing Tsai to post a $500,000 bond and she ordered him to home confinement. Tsai’s lawyer say the man poses no threat to society, but he could be considered a flight risk.


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