Father Pfleger rallys against guns in Riverdale

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The intersection of the First and Second Amendments Saturday fell in South Suburban Riverdale.

Activists, both for and against gun control, converged outside Chuck's Gun Shop along South Indiana Avenue.

Father Michael Pfleger, of Saint Sabina Church in Chicago's Auburn-Gresham neighborhood, members of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, as well as family members of those lost to gun violence came to demonstrate outside the gun store, calling it a "Bad Apple" among gun shops.

Members of the Illinois State Rifle Association held a counter protest, at times taunting those who came with the other group.

“Almost one in 10 [guns used in violent crimes in Chicago] is traceable to [Chuck's]," said Dan Gross, Presidnet of the Brady Campaign.

"These people are knowingly selling guns that are being used to tear apart our communities and kill our children. And it’s time we hold them accountable," Gross told the crowd.

Still, pro-gun activists like Frank Barry, who live on Chicago's South Side, say Chuck’s is being unfairly targeted.

“Once the gun leaves Chuck's shop, if I took the gun home and sold it on the street, it’s out of Chuck’s hands. Chuck’s is not responsible for that gun so what are they talking about?”

“Violence on the streets is a horrible thing but you don’t stop it by disarming the law abiding," said Mike Weisman, with Illinois State Rifle Association.

In an email this week, IRSA likened Father Pfleger to the terrorist group ISIS.

“I need you to understand something.  You can call me whatever you want.  You can threaten me as much as you want but Pfleger aint’ going nowhere, in fact we have just begun," Pfleger told the crowd in response.

Pfleger and others called for a crack-down on shops that sell guns that end up in the wrong hands.

Gun owners simply don’t agree with that characterization, insisting that most guns used in Chicago crime comes from out of state illegally.

“You have to arrest the gang banger.  You have to charge the criminal," said John Sutton.

"Spend less time going after ordinary citizens and shutting down gun shops.”


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